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Аудио запись ответов на ваши вопросы, которые дает Ирина Фрадкова

Dear Friends,

The Canada and Manitoba governments have reached agreement on the renewal of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Please be advice that candidates who can demonstrate the following minimum criteria will be considered under the renewed MPNP Skilled Workers Overseas with community support:

1. Meeting Federal Express Entry minimum requirements by having an EE active profile.

2. Meeting Manitoba Provincial Nominee criteria

• Program Experience in in-demand occupations in NOCs 0, A and B - posted on

• Appropriate CLB levels based on in-demand occupation

• Minimum one year post-secondary education

• 21-45 years of age

• Able to demonstrate the intent and ability to establish successfully in Manitoba

Kind regards,
Board of Directors
Immigration Support Group

Направляя нам заявку на письмо поддержки пожалуйста используйте следующий образец вашего “Cover letter”:
To whom it may concern
Please review my attached documents for immigration to the province of Manitoba with a Russian Community Support.
(First and last name)

Бланк письма, направляемого в Ассоциацию, для получения письма поддержки.


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